Live Online Lessons

Learn from Anywhere!

You can now take a class or enjoy a private lesson from Lisa from anywhere in the world! I can help you with your knitting or crochet project live online, using videoconferencing software Zoom. All you need is a computer with a webcam, tablet, or smart phone. I have a dual-camera setup so that you can see me and alternately watch my hands as I show you how to work your stitches.

How to Participate

You will need a computer with speakers and a microphone (or headphones) and a webcam, or a tablet or smartphone. This software will work on iOS and Android devices, as well as a Surface Pro 2 or 3. If you are on a computer, a wired connection is best (in any case, at least bandwidth of 1.2 Mbps). If you have any questions regarding your technology compatibility, please see this Zoom page.

If you use a device that has both a front and rear view camera, you can toggle back and forth so that I can see your work from your point of view! Just prop your device up on a stand, or even a plate holder as demonstrated in the photo above. This is especially helpful for me when you have a detailed pattern you're working on or if you need help fixing a mistake.

How To Register

Sign up for a private lesson or online class on the Class Schedule page. During the step where you fill out your contact information, scroll to the "For Private Lessons" form and indicate that you are requesting a "Live Videoconference online" lesson.

The day before your lesson, I will email you a Zoom URL meeting link. Please click this link a few minutes in advance of our scheduled lesson so that you can install the software or download the app if required.

To join a scheduled meeting:
1. You can click on the URL link that is in the description section of the calendar invitation or calendar reminder.
2. You can copy the URL link and paste it into your browser's address bar.
3. Or you can start the meeting from your zoom client directly. Click on Join and then enter your scheduled meeting ID to start the meeting (The meeting ID is the 9-digit number at the end of the URL link.)

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