Welcome to LMB Designs, your community for knitting and crochet patterns and classes by Lisa M. Barnes

I believe that crafting is an adventure. It should be fun, colorful, and creative – not frustrating. My goal with every pattern and class I create is to educate and empower the knitters and crocheters of the world to have the confidence to try new things and improve their skills. And in the process, we are creating a space for us to come together, to connect with each other, to share our humanity and build a community.

Adventures in Knitting and Crochet!

“Adventures in…” is my series of fiber tours, video tutorials, and online classes. I will guide you on your journey to explore your creativity and interpret your stitches. I will help you learn new techniques, translate the knitting or crochet “language” in your patterns, learn to fix your own mistakes, and inspire you to create unique projects that you love!